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2017 Calendars

Fairies or angels, for me, are like spirit guides. So, for 2017, I wanted to share a series of my paintings I fondly call "Doodle Fairies".

I call them as such because they were painted based on my style - light, loosely drawn and painted but heavy with love and good intentions for anyone who will adopt them in their homes. 

For 2017, I am releasing 2 versions: one with inspiring and empowering quotes and another one, for my ART+FAITH line, with Bible verses.

If you're looking for a unique, functional and inspiring gift this Christmas, these calendars will surely make your loved one smile and cherish it all-year round.


"I get excited for every 1st day of the month because it means I'll have a new inspiring artwork to look at every day for a month. It gives me good vibes every time." - Cye